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For Elizabeth Prentis’ solo show at Irmã Feia, a body of fantastical ceramic sculpture is presented alongside performative elements.

This new series of sculpture focuses on the British idiom “Hook, Line and Sinker,” meaning to be completely fooled by deception. Prentis explores the idea of manipulation and the necessary correlating characteristics in the other: gullibility, naivety or desire.

Combining aquatic and humanoid elements, Prentis creates absurd, almost mythological sculptural “beings” with chains, tentacles, hooks and high heels. These ceramic sculptures exude a quality of kink and fetish, alluding to deception in relation
to sexual encounters.

Shape-shifting ocean predators are recurring motifs in these sculptures, with octopus and
sea anemone inspired forms acting as a reminder to question the authenticity of an interaction or exchange.

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