(but i'll try anything once)

Solo Show, Lungley Gallery, London

Corona Virus Explorations


Performance Residency,
Fleet Street Theatre, Hamburg 2020.

Exhibitions and Residencies :

APPOCALYPSE NEVER : RESIDENCY, virtuellestheatre, Hamburg, 2020 

GGG: GLOBAL GLITCH GARDENS, Performance Residency, Centre of Literature, Germany, Virtuellestheatre, 2019

SMORGASBORD: ART SERVED BUFFET STYLE, Take Courage Gallery, London, 2019     

 I Don’t Like Broccoli, but I’ll try Anything Once, Solo Show, Lungley Gallery, London, 2019 

Jelly Flip 1, ABSINTHE 2, London, 2019 

BAGGAGE, Take Courage Gallery, London, 2019

BADART PRESENTS : FANDOM,Bones & Pearl Studios, London, 2019 

Pollyfilla/Ham. Does it Stick? A.P.T Gallery, London, 2018 

SLIME/SCHLEIM,  virtuellestheatre CollectiveTranseuropa Fluid Performance Art Festival, Germany, 2017   

DRAFT 2, Gebilde Collective, London, 2017     

FUZE, Gebilde Collective, 2016, London 

Völuspà : Location Analysis, Virtuellestheater, ACUD Gallery, Berlin, 2017     

DRAFT, Peckham Culture Festival, London, 2016   

Hot August Nights, From Across the Pond & Underneath the Algae, BLAM Projects Gallery, DG14 Collective, L.A. 2017    

Residency ADVENTURE + Going Native, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow, 2016 

Concrete Queens: Space 1, Gallery H.L.U.M, Voronezh, Russia, 2016   

Concrete Queens: Space 2, Voronezh Centre of Contemporary Art, Russia, 2016    

Let the Dust Settle, Crypt Gallery, London, 2016   

Aggregate, The Yard, London, 2015

Slippers 2, Maverick Projects, London, 2014 

MASH, London, 2015   

SUÐ , Dieter Roth Foundation Residency, Iceland, 2014     

OVERFLOW–  Iceland, 2014     

Hvað ertu að gera , Poncho Ladies? , Listaháskóli Íslands, Iceland, 2014 


Performance: making coleslaw in a woodchipper, 2015


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