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A Dobermann was initially bred specifically for personal protection, prior to this dogs were bred to secure buildings and livestock. Prentis uses Dober Woman to symbolise her own need to constantly be prepared to defend her self against a threat to her safety. Whether it’s in a taxi, a date or simply walking home, Prentis, like many women, has experienced situations where they have had to defend themselves. Dober woman represents the continual need to be prepared, always poised for attack.

Recurring motifs of fur, spikes, teeth and chains link Prentis to the animalistic nature of many scenarios. The animalisation of these particular predatory men, the animalism of the idea of the hunt, but also how it always grinds down to the animalistic desire for sex. The works sit balanced around the gallery in controlled yet precarious positions, promoting conversations of power, submission and consent. Left over digits are scattered throughout the space, remnants of the Dober Woman's struggles and loves.

Echoing the Dober Woman's readiness for defence, an improvised performance will create audible chaos. Non scripted improvisation reflecting the adrenaline and reality of catching unwanted attention and the frantic decision of what to do next.

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