Elizabeth is currently exploring painting and is developing a body of 2D work with performative ties. Bold and direct, Prentis' paintings are often confronting- challenging the audience on their own boundaries and expectations. Prentis' practice is not tied to one medium in particular; paintings act as blueprints for sculptures, performances, video-art, props and art installations. The process is open ended and experimental. 


Prentis explores sexual pleasure and encourages discussion surrounding sex. Her practice digests ideas of dominance, power play, gender expectation and patriarchy in heterosexual encounters. Drawing on her own experiences, Prentis encourages a wider discourse surrounding sex, sexual exploration, respect and the importance of female pleasure. 


Prentis's practice often straddles sculpture and performance. Choosing performance as a way to realise her sculptural works, she explores her struggle with the static nature of sculpture as a medium (often recruiting the audience to participate in these performances.) This process can be tied to her painting style, working with big canvas requires an active connection to the making process, becoming highly performative in its making stage which can be seen in the energetic mark making and gestural strokes. 

Prentis graduated from Chelsea College of Arts in 2016.